Lisa Flanagan

Associate Director of the Baldwin Center, Academic Communication for Multilingual Speakers

Lisa Flanagan has taught English for both non-native and native speakers abroad and domestically for over three decades. Her students have ranged from Japanese medical school students in Tokyo to international jazz musicians at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has always worked with adults in settings ranging from law firms, consular offices, and pharma companies to colleges. Just prior to moving to Maine, she worked exclusively with Harvard and MIT post docs in various fields preparing for their oral boards. After years studying, traveling, and working away in Europe, Asia, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lisa returned to her native Maine. She has had the privilege of working with many Bowdoin students who have gone on to earn advanced degrees in their fields and work in academia, industry, and government.

Lisa provides one-on-one tutoring for students across the campus for whom English is an additional language as well as native speakers wishing to hone their skills. She guides students as they increase their understanding of assignments, reading strategies, grammar, outlining, revising, and editing. Additionally, Lisa acquaints students with scholarly writing conventions and expectations for college writing. She has a particular interest in working with students struggling with clarity and conciseness in their written and oral expression. Increasingly, she is connected to students grappling with procrastination and their feelings about ability, production, and worth.

With faculty, Lisa works with multilingual visiting and tenure track faculty as they prepare materials for publication. As part of the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching, she also organizes Writing and Research Accountability groups in which faculty members set goals and share their progress.

Lisa studied History at Tufts University, went on to Den Røde Højskole in Svendborg, Denmark, and has subsequently pursued creative-non-fiction writing courses. When not working or tending to domestic obligations, Lisa takes every opportunity available to visit new places and chat with the people who live there.

Individual tutoring is available by appointment Monday-Friday, 9:00- 5:00 PM in the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching, room 112 H-L Library.

Lisa Flanagan working with students