Academic Assistance for Students

Want to improve your academic performance? Feel more on top of your workload? Learn new skills and strategies? Find community? Help others? Welcome to the Baldwin Center.

View the student services schedule and make an appointment with Baldwin Center staff. Check this Bowdoin Orient article for updates. Find helpful resources and downloads here.

Ask questions or tell us what you need by stopping in to Kanbar 102, calling 207-725-3006, or by submitting an Academic Services Request form. Now visit our office virtually via Teams: M-F, 10:00-11:30 and 1:30-4:00 ET, Bowdoin students can go to Teams/Calls/Make a Call and type in Tammis Donovan, then start your video/audio call!

Peer Services - most services still running virtually

Do you want to become more effective as a college student?

Could your time management be improved? Are there study habits you might want to change/improve/get new ideas?

Could you be a more effective learner in your STEM classes?

Are the quantitative aspects of a class challenging for you?

  • Attend a Study Group for that class.
  • Meet with a Quantitative Reasoning Tutor ("Q-Tutor") in Kanbar 102

Do you want to be a more effective communicator?

In writing? In speaking?

New to the Baldwin Center?

Online Scheduling Calendar

Make an appointment with a Writing Assistant, Mentor or Q-Tutor, or see hours available for drop-in.

Need help with the calendar? Contact Tammis Donovan, Administrative Coordinator.

Professional Services

Are you multi-lingual and/or have parents who speak multiple languages?

Would you like to talk through your assignments, get ideas for reading strategies in college, and assistance with the conventions of scholarly writing such as: grammar, outlining, revising, and editing?

Do you want to better manage your workload while maintaining health and well-being?

Would you like to work with an academic coach to strategize plans and schedules, develop techniques for acquiring new knowledge and skills, managing ADHD and test anxiety, overcoming procrastination and more?