Academic Mentoring and Coaching

Do you ever wonder where all your time goes? Have you ever read an entire book chapter or article and not remembered a thing? Could prioritizing your goals make your days more efficient and your learning more effective? Are you looking for a personalized and holistic approach to learning? 

The Academic Mentoring and Coaching (AMC) program offers a variety of resources and the following academic support services for students:


Ready for a change? Dr. Tina Chong can help you set goals, explore your options, and develop a plan of action to increase your academic success and solidify important life skills.
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What can you ACHIEVE with Academic Mentoring and Coaching?

Achieve your personal and academic goals

Create balance between college, work, fitness, and socializing

Hone time management and organizational/executive functioning skills

Improve study, reading, note and exam taking strategies

Explore the root causes of procrastination and stress

Visualize success and create a positive mindset

Embrace and utilize campus resources 

More questions?

Request a meeting with Baldwin Center Learning and Teaching Assistant Director Tina Chong by submitting a confidential Academic Services Request. You can also reach out to her directly via email, or make an appointment here.


Academic Mentoring & Coaching is NOT tutoring for a particular course, academic advising, personal counseling, required for accommodations, or a disciplinary meeting. If you are looking for support in any of these areas, please follow the links below:

Looking for a tutor: You can find or request Q-tutors, Writing Assistants, or Language tutors.To find a tutor in a non-quantitative course, please contact the particular department to request a tutor.

Questions about your major or any courses: Talk to your Academic Faculty Advisor.

Talk to a Counselor: Connect with Counseling and Wellness Services.

Request Accommodations: Connect with the Student Accessibility Office.

Any other questions: Ask your student dean.