Members of the dean's staff focus energy and attention on community-building initiatives and helping individual students succeed academically and grow personally.

The mission of our office is to guide, support, and challenge students in order that they may attain their full academic and personal potential at Bowdoin and beyond.

Members of our staff are knowledgeable about issues and problems that arise for students and are a good source of information about College resources and policies. We offer general advising as well as referrals to other campus offices. We help students and parents manage academic and nonacademic situations as they arise, consulting extensively with faculty and staff across the College. Stop by the office or contact your dean to make an appointment!

Program for Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution
Bowdoin’s Program for Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution (PNVCR) promotes a safe College community in which students, faculty, and staff can navigate conflict peacefully and in a way that promotes self-reflection and accountability. The program provides a variety of services designed to strengthen and support a harmonious community and seeks to respect and reflect the differences that make up our vibrant campus. These processes also promote self-advocacy, self-awareness, and accountability. Our practices are educationally focused and restorative in nature.