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Who is my Dean?

Our office recently underwent a restructure.  More information to come.  In the meantime, if you would like to speak to a dean, please contact:

Dean Works with Phone
Melissa Quinby Primarily First-Year Students 207-725-3489
Danielle Hussey Primarily Sophomores


Khoa Khuong Primarily Juniors and all International Students (F-1 Visa Holders)


Roosevelt Boone Primarily Seniors 207-208-2937


Role of the Class Dean. There are four class deans in the Office of the Dean of Students: each dean primarily works with either first-years, sophomores, juniors, or seniors (based on a student's class standing). Bowdoin's structure is also unique in that our deans serve a great many functions on campus, including: advising students on academic policies; assisting in the navigation of personal issues, including mental and physical health; serving as a sounding board during conversations; and many other things. Deans also can be asked to hold students accountable through the conduct process when Bowdoin policy has been violated. These conversations can be hard for students, but they are an opportunity for growth—and they are positioned as such—even when it results in a sanction. 

Requesting to Switch Deans: Bowdoin cannot accommodate requests to change deans except in rare and exceptional circumstances. Students wishing to make a request must do so in writing to the Dean of Students. The request should clearly explain why the situation meets the "rare and exceptional" standard. 

Other Services

  • To discuss students of concern, or the CARE Team, contact Lisa Hardej
  • To discuss a suspected case of academic dishonesty, contact Michael Pulju 
  • To discuss the accommodations for a student with a disability, contact Lesley Levy
  • To discuss international student issues, contact Khoa Khuong
  • To discuss general matters for the Office of the Dean of Students, contact Melissa Quinby or Michael Pulju
  • After hours, 7 days a week, to assist with student emergencies, contact the Dean-on-Call through Security (207-725-3314)


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Jenny Gillespie

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs
Khoa Khuong

Khoa Khuong

Associate Class Dean and Associate Director of International Student Experience
Michael Pulju

Michael Pulju

Associate Dean of Students & Director of Community Standards
Melissa Quinby

Melissa Quinby

Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of First-Year Experience