Conduct Review Board

The Conduct Review Board hears cases of alleged violations of the College's Academic Honor Code and Social Code.  

The Board determines if a charged student is responsible for the violation(s) and, if found responsible, makes recommendations to the Dean of Students regarding possible sanctions.  Generally, three students and two faculty members comprise the Board for Academic Honor Code hearings and five students for Social Code hearings.  All hearings are moderated by the student Chair or Vice-Chair.  For more detailed information about the Conduct Review Board and its procedures and processes, please review the Student Handbook.

Conduct Review Board applications become available in late January. Faculty, staff, and students are all invited to nominate individuals to apply for a position on the Conduct Review Board. Applications are due around the end of the second week of classes of the spring semester, and selection interviews take place during the first two weeks of February. Training for new and returning Conduct Review Board members is mandatory and takes place after final exams in May.

Any questions concerning the Conduct Review Board may be directed to Katherine O'Grady, Conduct Review Board Advisor, at or (207) 725-3493.