Formal Hearing Precedent

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Findings and Sanctions

The Office of the Dean of Students annually publishes a summary of conduct outcomes from serious violations of Bowdoin College policy. These include: (1) alleged violations of the Academic Honor Code and the Social Code heard by the Conduct Review Board; and (2) administrative dispositions by the Office of the Dean of Students that resulted in suspension, dismissal, or resignation from the College. This information is provided to the Bowdoin community for educational purposes and to increase awareness of the College’s community standards and expectations.

This information also includes an annual report of cases involving allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct as defined by the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not considered precedent.

Sanctioning attempts to balance consistency across similar cases while acknowledging the specific circumstances of each case. Although precedent is not applied prescriptively, it helps to balance consistency and fairness with individual situations and accountability. 

Factors relevant to sanctioning include, but are not limited to, the nature of the offense, the Respondent’s intent, acceptance of responsibility, remorse and forthrightness, the Respondent’s past disciplinary record, precedent of prior Conduct Review Board and administrative sanctions, and the severity of any damage, injury, or harm resulting from the offense.  

Please note: The summaries omit personally identifiable information such as gender, class year, date of incident, medical or health related information, and other sensitive information. Additional sanctions, such as those requiring medical treatment, mental health, or substance abuse counseling, have also been removed. This information dates back approximately 10 years, depending upon the category of conduct. Summaries are listed in non-chronological order.

Academic Code Violations

Social Code Violations

Annual Report of Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

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