Applying to the Conduct Review Board

The Bowdoin Conduct Review Board is not currently accepting applications.

All current Bowdoin first-years, sophomores, or juniors in good academic and social standing (i.e., not currently on probation) are invited to apply. Candidates should possess sound judgment, insight, maturity, integrity, and the respect of their peers, faculty, and staff. Members are expected to exemplify and uphold the College's community standards, the Academic Honor Code, Social Code, and other policies. Conduct Review Board members must maintain confidentiality, and balance the good of the institution with respect for an individual's rights and responsibilities.

The Conduct Review Board is a representation of Bowdoin’s campus community and we welcome applications from students with diverse and varied experiences and perspectives, including those with prior disciplinary or criminal histories. To apply, please complete the application and please limit your responses to approximately 250 words per question.

In addition to the application, candidates must provide one peer recommendation from a current Bowdoin student. Peer recommendations may not be made by current members of the Conduct Review Board.