Conduct Review Board Members

2023-2024 Academic Year
Jai DuVal '24
Major/Minor: Visual Arts and Africana Studies Double Major/Chinese Minor
Hometown: NYC, Southern Maryland, and Cleveland
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Dog Bar Jim
Boring Fact: I upcycle thrifted clothing!
Moulton or Thorne? Thorne
Masmo Miyakawa '24, Co-chair
Major/Minor: Economics/Math
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan 
Favorite Brunswick spot: Circle K 
Boring Fact: My right eye is better than my left eye.
Moulton or Thorne? Thorne
Hayden Redelman '24
Major/Minor: Government & Legal Studies and English Double Major/Urban Studies Minor
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Dog Bar Jim
Boring Fact: I own at least three books.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Liam Tasker '24
Major/Minor: Biology and Economics Double Major
Hometown: Lincoln, MA
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Fielder's Choice Ice Cream
Boring Fact: Had my first PB&J ever on my 21st birthday.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Josie Tidmore '24, Co-chair
Major/Minor: English and Neuroscience Double Major
Hometown: Valdosta, GA
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Androscoggin Swinging Bridge
Boring Fact: I put my socks on before my pants.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Janet Briggs '25, Community Outreach & Education Coordinator
Major/Minor: Government & Legal Studies and History Double Major
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Dog Bar Jim
Boring Fact: I am a very efficient and impressive gift wrapper.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Oscar Calle '25
Major/Minor: Economics and Government & Legal Studies Double Major
Hometown: NYC
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Bay Bowls
Boring Fact: I have three sisters.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Tej Dhingra '25
Major/Minor: Economics and Math Double Major
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Flip
Boring Fact: I have a twin sister (so original!).
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton
Thomas Weller '25
Major/Minor: Economics Major/Chemistry Minor
Hometown: Singapore
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Watami
Boring Fact: I like cold water but I hate ice water.
Moulton or Thorne? Moulton for breakfast and lunch, Thorne for dinner.
Brim Peabody '25, Community Outreach & Education Coordinator
Major/Minor: Economics Major/Asian Studies Minor
Hometown: Scarborough, ME
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Wild Oats
Boring Fact: I like ketchup. 
Moulton or Thorne? Thorne
Avery Cutler '26
Major/Minor: Interested in Math and Sociology
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Simpson's Point
Boring Fact: My 11th birthday party was at a furniture store.
Moulton or Thorne: Moulton
Kevin Darko '26
Major/Minor: Interested in Government & Legal Studies Major, Economics and Finance Minor
Hometown: NYC
Favorite Brunswick Spot: El Rodeo
Boring Fact: I share a birthday with 5 relatives!
Moulton or Thorne: Thorne
Moana Gregori '26
Major/Minor: Interested in Anthropology and Economics
Hometown: Klagenfurt, Austria
Favorite Brunswick Spot: The quad or Curtis Memorial Library
Boring Fact: I can juggle :)
Moulton or Thorne: Moulton
Sam Stevenson '26
Major/Minor: Interested in Bio Major and Comp Sci Minor 
Hometown: Manchester, Vermont
Favorite Brunswick Spot: Wild Oats
Boring Fact: My sister goes to Bowdoin
Moulton or Thorne: Moulton

Faculty Members

  • Tess Chakkalakal, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English (June 2026)
  • Connie Chiang, Director of Environmental Studies Program and Professor of History and Environmental Studies (June 2024) 
  • Jack O'Brien, Associate Professor of Mathematics (June 2026) 
  • Matthew F. Stuart, Professor of Philosophy (June 2025)