Student Jobs

There are many student job opportunities at the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching. This page describes the available positions and how to apply.
Student mentor

Academic Peer Mentor

The Academic Peer Mentors are peer academic counselors who work with Bowdoin students committed to discovering strategies and approaches that will best help achieve their personal academic goals. Mentors work with individual students and small groups, and might be asked to facilitate workshops and study groups.

Applicants for academic mentor positions must be in good academic standing. Motivation, interest, enthusiasm, openness to diversity and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality are essential characteristics of successful mentors. Mentors are required to commit a minimum of 3 hours per week throughout the semester.

Academic Peer Mentor Application Process

Academic Peer Mentors are hired in April and participate in training in August. Stay tuned for our job posting in the spring or get on our list, and we will inform you as soon as we post an open position. For more information, contact Tina Chong, Assistant Director, Baldwin Center, Academic Mentoring and Coaching, at

Student tutors working in the BCLT

The Writing Project: Writing Assistant

Writing Assistants work one-on-one with other students to revise writing and empower writers. Interested in applying to work as a writing assistant? A call for applications goes out to students in October of each year. Students are selected in time to register for English 2805 in Spring semester.

Writing Assistant Selection Process

Applicants should be first-year students, sophomores or juniors who read perceptively, write well, and communicate clearly and constructively with others. If selected as a Writing Assistant, you must enroll in English 2805, which meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:05-10:00 in Spring, 2022. This course, which is by permission of instructor only, is reserved for the new cohort of Writing Assistants in training. Work in the Writing Center begins the next Fall. Writing Assistants are paid for their work. They also profit from their tutorial experience by gaining perspective on their own writing and acquiring skills and a credential valued in many professional settings.


  • Tutor at least 2 hours/week (with opportunities to work more)
  • Tutor students in an assigned Writing Project course on two papers/semester (roughly 8-10 hours twice a semester, which you set according to your schedule)
  • Participate in Writing Assistant meetings (2-3/semester)

BCLT student staff pose in front of Kanbar 102

Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching: Front Desk Manager

Often the first contact a Bowdoin student has when entering the Baldwin Center in Kanbar 102, BCLT Front Desk Managers are the face of the BCLT! Managers are knowledgeable about the Center’s various programs so that they can be responsive to student and faculty visitors to the Center. BCLT Front Desk Managers work with student staff when tutoring, mentoring and the Writing Center are in session to create a welcoming, well organized hub of academic activity. Actively initiating and assisting with interactions between BCLT student staff, professional staff and Bowdoin students, Front Desk Managers have a genuine interest in helping others and an outgoing, friendly, approachable, upbeat attitude. They may also support BCLT student and faculty events, help with marketing, etc. Working independently most of the time, the Front Desk Manager staff are  upperclass students and have prior BCLT experience. BCLT Front Desk Managers have shifts during the day and/or in the evening hours when programming is being held, and are required to attend BCLT training. Safe Space training is highly recommended.

BCLT Front Desk Manager Application Process

Openings for BCLT Front Desk Manager will be listed on JobX. Want more information about the job? Stop by the BCLT or send an email to Tammis Donovan, Administrative Coordinator of the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching,

BCLT exterior view

The Quantitative Reasoning Program: Q-Tutors

July, 2021: This student job is being revised. Please reach out to Tammis Donovan, Administrative Coordinator of the BCLT with questions (or wait until mid August when we will be updating this section.)

The Quantitative Reasoning Program supports all students (online) in strengthening their understanding and application of mathematical, logical, and statistical skills. Q-tutors provide the following services:

  • Learning Assistants: Also known (depending upon the department) as TAs or LAs, these Q-tutors work closely with the faculty member in one quantitative course such as: MATH/ECON/CSCI/DCS/BIOL/CHEM/PHYS/PSYC/PHIL. A study group leader typically provides one to two sessions a week for students from the course to work together on course material. These sessions are meant to be dedicated spaces for collaborative work on course material with the study group leader facilitating the learning process.
  • BCLT Tutoring: Q-tutors hold hours SUN-THU nights from 7:00-10:00 PM in the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching (BCLT) Kanbar 102, providing assistance for a wide array of courses in MATH/ECON/BIOL/CHEM/STAT/PHYS.
  • Individual Tutoring: Q-tutors provide one-on-one assistance for students in quantitative courses. These assignments are made only in consultation with the faculty member and require faculty member approval.

The Quantitative Reasoning Tutor Selection Process

Q-tutors and Learning Assistants for courses that require quantitative skills are referred to the Center for Learning and Teaching by their professors. Qualified students are encouraged to communicate their interest in becoming a Q-tutor to their professors. Upon referral, students will be trained by Eric Gaze of the Quantitative Reasoning Program in the art of quantitative skills tutoring. For more information, you may want to contact Eric Gaze, Director,, or ask an experienced Q-Tutor about the position.

Peer Tutoring in the Languages

If you are skilled in a foreign language and are interested in being a peer language tutor, let the Department Chair know—the Baldwin Center is no longer hiring Language tutors.