Writing Resources

The Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching is home to a number of useful resources for writers.

Writing Resources

The library offers excellent guidance and support to students writing papers. Visit the research overview site, or better yet, talk with a librarian at any of the Bowdoin libraries.

To help you think about when and how to cite the sources that you have used for your paper, please see the Student Affairs website on maintaining academic honesty and avoiding plagiarism.

Also see "Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism: Strategies and Resources for Students and Teachers."

The Georgetown University Writing Center offers an excellent set of resources for writers of English as a Second Language, and the National Council of Teachers of English website provides "Guidelines for Gender-Fair Use of Language."

Many writing programs and centers across the country contain valuable information for writers and teachers of writing in all disciplines. The following sites are good places to start and will lead to other sites devoted to writing:

The Writing and Rhetoric book collection is located in the main study area and in the teaching resource library in the Baldwin Center for Teaching and Learning, H-L Library 112. Faculty members and students are welcome to look at the books and, in most cases, to borrow them if needed.