Project Approval Application

Chamberlain Scholars must go through the project approval process in order to access scholarship funds. Project approval applications must be submitted through the form on this page along with the following documents:

  • Proposal: One-page proposal explaining how this academic and intellectual experience will enhance the student’s educational goals at Bowdoin and beyond.
  • Budget: Provide an itemized budget (using this budget template) that details how these funds will be used, such as travel expenses, room and board, supplies, equipment, etc. You can use this list of standard costs for scholarship requests (PDF) as a reference if needed. Depending on your location, your budget should fall within the median range expected in that city/state/area.
  • Organization/Institution Commitment Form, if working with an organization/institution
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form, if not currently on file


Applications should be submitted one month before the start of a student’s enrichment experience. Applications for summer opportunities should be submitted by June 1. Applications for winter break opportunities are due on December 1.

Applications from seniors need to be received by March 1 to ensure enough time for approval, use of funds, and reflection submission by graduation date.

Post-Project Reflection

Within one month of your project completion, you must submit a one-page reflection. If possible, please submit photos along with your submission.

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