How do I get into THRIVE? 

Participants in all THRIVE programs must be students of color, first-generation college students, and/or low-income students.

  • Bowdoin Advising in Support of Excellence (BASE) students, Chamberlain Scholars, and Geoffrey Canada Scholars are invited to participate based on an assessment of how significant their transition to Bowdoin may be, their previous academic experience, their extracurricular activities, and their home geography.
  • Bowdoin Science Experience (BSE) students are invited to apply based on an expressed interest in math and sciences, their previous academic experience, and an assessment of how significant their transition to Bowdoin may be.
  • Bowdoin Science Scholars accepts applications from students of color, first-generation to college students, and/or low-income students during the fall of their first year. Factors for selection include their fall semester academic performance, recommendations from faculty and deans, and a commitment to full participation in the program. 

How are Geoffrey Canada Scholars selected? 

Geoffrey Canada Scholars have overcome exceptional odds on their path to college and are selected based on the admissions’ and THRIVE staff’s assessment of the student’s previous academic experience, extracurricular activities, home geography, and how significant their transition to Bowdoin may be.

What is the THRIVE program?

THRIVE is not one program—it is a collection of programs all designed to foster achievement, belonging, mentorship, and the transition to Bowdoin for low-income students, first-generation students, and students of color. THRIVE is part of Bowdoin’s commitment to historically excluded students. THRIVE programs work to transform the college experience from one that students simply survive into a time in which they thrive.

How can I volunteer for THRIVE? 

Generally, THRIVE isn't able to offer any regular volunteer roles. On occasion, however, we ask alumni to be on panels or join us for events—typically alumni who share a similar background to our students. Please contact thrive@bowdoin.edu if you believe you may be a good fit for a panel or event.

Can THRIVE fund me to attend a conference or participate in a special opportunity?

Financial support for students to pursue personal, scholastic, or professional development opportunities is a component of the Geoffrey Canada Scholars and Joshua L. Chamberlain Scholars programs, however we aren’t able to provide other funding to support those kinds of activities.

I have a financial need.  Can THRIVE help me financially? 

If you are a student who has a financial need, please contact Student Aid or apply for Supplemental and Emergency Funding through the Office of the Dean of Students.