Each THRIVE program addresses a specific area of student need, for example, the transition to college, academic advising and class selection, or strengthening STEM skills. Some THRIVE students participate in more than one of these programs.

Regardless of which resources and programs they utilize, all THRIVE students have access to the shared THRIVE space, special events, and dedicated peer mentors.

  • Bowdoin Advising in Support of Excellence (BASE) is an intensive academic advising program. BASE prepares faculty advisors to proactively support their first-year advisees in navigating Bowdoin.
  • Bowdoin Science Experience (BSE) is a five-day orientation trip for first-year students offering an introduction to college-level sciences and mathematics. BSE also provides ongoing advising, support, and programming for students’ first year at Bowdoin.
  • Bowdoin Science Scholars (BSS) is designed to support students who found their STEM courses more challenging than expected and are committed to strengthening their skills before their second semester.
  • Geoffrey Canada Scholars (GCS) is THRIVE’s flagship program. Beginning with a Summer Institute prior to the first year of college, Geoffrey Canada Scholars receive support and programming throughout a student's undergraduate years.
  • The Joshua L. Chamberlain Scholarship is awarded to a select group of students who have demonstrated academic achievements and have shown promise of exceptional success in college. Chamberlain Scholars can use their award to pursue non-credit-bearing enrichment opportunities like research, independent study, career-related internships, and service learning or community engagement.

Services and Resources for All THRIVE Students

In addition to program-specific services and resources, THRIVE offers additional support for all program participants throughout their time at Bowdoin.

Peer Mentoring

All THRIVE programparticipants are matched to a peer mentor during their first year at Bowdoin. Peer Mentors may be particularly useful to students in navigating life at a predominately white institution (PWI), balancing the academic and social-emotional demands of college life, and making the most of College resources.

Peer mentors are selected through an application process. Mentors apply for these positions in the spring and receive training in August, prior to meeting their students.

Incoming THRIVE students receive a survey prior to their arrival to campus where they can provide information about their interests. Survey responses are used for matching, to the extent possible.


In addition to program-specific gatherings, some events are held for the entire THRIVE community, including workshops, lunches, dinners, retreats, and celebrations.

Community Space

THRIVE offices are currently located in Banister Hall, a study and socializing space that is open to THRIVE students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

THRIVE offices will be moving to Ladd House in 2023 to provide a hub for the offices that work directly on student access, belonging, inclusion, and diversity.