For THRIVE Families

As family members of our students, YOU are also part of the Bowdoin community. We want to help you navigate the College and connect you with the appropriate campus resources.

THRIVE Families can help students by encouraging them to:

  • Attend THRIVE wide-programming to connect with the THRIVE staff and students.
  • Become familiar with College resources and remind them to take advantage of all the services provided to them.
  • Ask for help and remind your student asking for help is a sign of strength!
  • Connect with the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching (BCLT) if they are struggling in a course or need additional assistance.
  • Develop relationships with professors outside of the classroom by attending office hours (scheduled time for the professor to meet with students outside of class)
  • Participate in campus activities that will foster their sense of belonging; these activities can include joining a student organization, running for a student leadership position, and engaging in community service opportunities. 
  • Remind the student that you are part of their support team and will be there to provide support as they are navigating this new place.

Campus Resources

Here are a list of campus resources that we think you should know about and can help you and your student navigate life on campus. If you cannot find the answer to your questions from the campus resources, please contact us and we'll help you find your answers. 

College Terminology 

You may encounter new college terms now that your student is in college. Check out this U.S. News article that has created a glossary of common terms used in colleges and universities.