Pay Information

Getting Paid Through Workday

All hourly student employees are responsible for completing accurate timesheets before each bi-weekly payroll deadline. Students must comply with the individual policies for reporting time in their department. Policies may vary as some departments require clocking in via a physical time clock and others via the Workday website. 

I forgot to enter my time!

If a student missed the payroll deadline they must fill out a Prior Pay Period Adjustment Form.

  • Student employees must record the specific hours and dates within the pay period in which the hours are actually worked.
  • It is completely unacceptable to record missed hours in a future pay period. 

Pay Rates

Each job is assigned a pay level (or pay group for Dining Services). Department supervisors and SEO work together to determine pay rates. SEO reviews each established pay rate to ensure that Bowdoin College complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our policy allows for a level of wage equity for students performing similar responsibilities.  

Academic Year 2023–2024
Effective 8/14/23

Level Hourly Rate
I $14.50
II $14.65
III $14.80
IV $14.95
V $15.10
Groups Dining Only
A $16.00
B $16.25
C $16.50
D $16.75