Swapping Lab Sections

The following steps can be used for swapping labs of courses or swapping sections of courses without dropping the linked course or lab.
  1. Look up the CRN number for the lab section you want to add. (Note: To swap from one Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Art History 1100 lab section to another during Add/Drop, the lab instructor MUST give "instructor permission" in Polaris first.)
  2. Log into Polaris.
  3. In the "Registration" portal, select the "Request or Add/Drop Classes" tab.

    Add/Drop screenshot
  4. Find the lab section you want to drop and select "Drop Class" from the menu. Then enter the CRN for the lab section you want to add in the box below. Complete both sections before clicking "Submit". See below for what happens if you do not submit these together.Swap lab fields screenshot
  5. Click Submit
  6. The new lab section will be listed in your course list.Swap lab result screenshot
  7. Note: If you drop the lab section you are currently registered in without entering in the CRN of the new lab then Polaris will assume you want to drop the lab and the connected lecture. To avoid being dropped from the class make sure you click "Do not drop".

    Drop linked courses screenshot
  8. You will then be returned to your course listing without any changes.
    Did not drop courses screenshot