Comment Cards

Comment Cards are sent via Polaris.

What is a Comment Card?

Comment Cards are sent by course instructors to provide feedback on a student's progress or standing in a course to highlight achievement/improvement or to note concern, e.g., poor grades, poor attendance, problems with deadlines, lack of participation.

Who receives Comment Cards?

Comment Cards are directed to the student, and copies are sent to all instructors for that course, as well as the student's advisor(s), Dean, and coach, if applicable.

Why should instructors send Comment Cards?

There are many reasons for poor performance, and, it is often the case that a student who is struggling in one course is struggling in others. Sharing information enables advisors and Deans to intervene, determine what is going on, and direct students to the appropriate resources on campus. Often, academic advisors and Deans do not learn that a student is struggling until the end of the semester when the student comes up for academic action, i.e. probation or suspension. Yes, students bear the primary responsibility for seeking help, but sending a Comment Card allows advisors and Deans an opportunity, hopefully early in the semester, to help the student get on track.

Instructions for sending Comment Cards:

This helpful video will walk you through how to access your class list and send students feedback via comment cards.
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at (207) 725-3030 or