Degree Works Update


Bowdoin's current iteration of Degree Progress will no longer be supported, so due to security concerns, we have upgraded from a "classic" to a "responsive" dashboard.

While this new dashboard looks different than what we are used to, it largely functions the same. To help you navigate this, an extensive User Guide is available here. There are two differences in this new view to which we want to draw your attention, as the functionality is a bit different.

  • In our old dashboard, users could access an "unofficial academic history by term" and an "unofficial academic history by subject"; these have now been replaced by the simplified "class history" view.
  • As with the classic dashboard, courses are listed by their originating subject (not the crosslisted subject(s)). In the classic dashboard, however, you could see the crosslisting as well. In our new dashboard, crosslistings will not be viewable, but rest assured, the courses will continue to count in the departments/program majors/minors in which they are crosslisted. For information on crosslistings, we have added a link to Classfinder in the new dashboard.


Due to a Polaris customization that is no longer operational, faculty advisors will need to search for their advisee’s records in Degree Works (commonly known as Degree Progress). Rather than displaying only their advisees and majors/minors in their department/program, faculty now have access to all Bowdoin student records. 

Below you will find instructions on how to find a student’s record, along with FERPA and expectations of the use of student records.