Benefits and Perks

FM staff

Bowdoin College strives to provide competitive and cost-effective benefits to fulfill the needs of all of our employees, no matter what stage of life they are enjoying. To that end, we have arranged/organized much of our benefits information by life stages and work stages. Of course, please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources staff members if you cannot locate information you are seeking.

Just getting started?

New Employee Paperwork

Before you can begin working in your new job, it's necessary to complete your new hire "paperwork" in our online system, Workday. Human Resources will contact you with instructions for how to log into Workday and how to complete your new hire onboarding. 

You will be required to present identification for the I-9 Form in person at the Human Resources office located at 216 Maine Street in Brunswick. A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found on the last page of the I-9 form. Please note: all ID must be original documents (or certified copies) and unexpired, and you'll need to provide either one item from List A, or one each from Lists B and C.

To schedule an appointment to complete these steps, call the Human Resources office at 207-725-3837.

Employee Benefits

If your new position at Bowdoin is eligible for benefits, you must submit a benefit enrollment through your Workday account within 30 days of your benefits eligible hire date. The enrollment will be available in your Workday inbox on your 1st day of work as a benefits eligible employee. You have 30 days to enroll. Even if you intend to decline all coverage through the College (medical, dental and vision) you must submit the enrollment indicating your intention to waive coverage and indicate beneficiary information for the basic life insurance provided by the College at no cost. If you have questions about the benefit options or need assistance in enrolling through Workday, please contact Mary Cote, Benefits Coordinator at (207) 725-3033 or

New Employee Orientation and New Faculty Orientation

Orientation sessions for new employees are held at least once a month and new faculty orientations are scheduled at the beginning of each semester Human Resources staff introduce you to important safety, security, and facility information as well as many campus policies and procedures and the Employee Handbook. You will receive an invitation to attend orientation.  Attendance is mandatory, but if you have a scheduling conflict, you can attend a later orientation.  As part of your orientation to the campus, we also encourage you to attend one of the Admissions walking tours of the campus offered several times daily. 

When will I get my first paycheck?

Bowdoin's pay schedules differ depending on whether you are salaried or hourly. Salaried employees are paid on the last business day of each month. Hourly employees are paid every other Friday.

How do I track my time if I’m hourly?

Bowdoin uses an electronic time sheet program called Workday to track time for all hourly employees. You may be asked to swipe a card to log your time if you work in one of the following departments (Dining Service, Facilities Management, Library, Athletics, or Theater and Dance) or you may need to enter your hours into a web time sheet for your supervisor to approve. Your username and password for Workday will be the same username and password you use to access your Bowdoin email, and your supervisor will show you how to log your time. You can learn more about Workday resources and access your web timesheet by logging in here.

How do I get an ID card?

ID cards are both photo identification and will provide you access to any campus buildings and doors you need to access as part of your job. Your employee ID card is printed by the OneCard Office, which is located in Coles Tower.  You should visit this office on your first day of work to receive your ID Card. The OneCard office will not print your card for you until your first official day of work.

How do I get a parking pass?

Parking passes are provided to all benefit-eligible employees.  Once you have your email username and password, you may complete an online registration form and you will receive a parking decal via interoffice mail. 

Choosing a quality doctor, hospital or other health provider

When you are choosing a doctor, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this doctor or doctor's office provide high quality care?
  • How much experience does the doctor have with patients who have a health care condition like mine?
  • Can I schedule appointments in a reasonable amount of time?

When you are choosing a hospital, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this facility provide high quality care?
  • How much experience does this hospital have with patients who have a health condition/procedure like mine?

To help find answers to some of these questions, you can visit Get Better Maine.  On this site you will find quality ratings for all hospitals and most primary care doctor practices in Maine and other tools to help you choose a doctor and make the most of doctor’s visits.  You can also find information on quality at Maine Quality Counts or the Maine Quality Forum.

Once you review the list of quality providers in your town, visit Anthem to search for in-network providers.  For the Bowdoin College PPO Health Plan these providers are considered In-Network Preferred Providers  -- seeking healthcare services with them can help you save money.

Benefits for a spouse

A marriage is a qualified event which gives you the ability to cover your spouse through many of Bowdoin’s benefits including Health and Dental insurance.  To help you decide whether your spouse should stay on his/her current plan or move to the Bowdoin plan, you will want to compare the costs and benefits from both plans.  You will also want to check and see if your spouse's provider is “in-network.”

Timing of benefits - You MUST add/enroll your new spouse within 30 days of your marriage. Your spouse will be covered on the first day of the month on or following the date of your marriage.

Staying healthy

How healthy are you compared to people like you? Take this short quiz at WebMD to find out. (Your answers will never be shared with anyone, including Bowdoin or your doctor.)

Bowdoin College is also a member of the Maine Health Management Coalition, an organization that works with employers, providers, and health plans to improve the value of healthcare in Maine.

At Get Better Maine you can learn important information about doctors and hospitals in Maine, such as:

  • Which doctors' offices have systems in place to prevent human errors and mistakes
  • Which doctors' offices follow the practices that doctors recommend for treating diabetes and heart disease 
  • Which hospitals have the fewest number of people who have to come back again after a heart attack or pneumonia 
  • Which hospitals have the fewest people who get infections or get the wrong medication

Bowdoin also offers a dental plan to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy to reduce your chances of getting heart disease or oral cancer.

Get Fit

Physical fitness can help you sleep better, increase your metabolism, and feel happier. There are lots of ways to get fit around Maine. Below are resources to get you out of the house or office and moving!

Fitness & Wellness Classes at Bowdoin - FREE!
Mid Coast Center for Community Health & Wellness
MaineGeneral Health
Cathance River Nature Preserve Trails
Hiking Trails in Maine
Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department
Maps of the walking trails in Portland – Portland Trails
Outdoor Activities in Maine

Quit Tobacco

Use of tobacco increases your chances of getting certain diseases and costs a lot of money. If you are ready to try and quit tobacco we are here to help! Check out the Bowdoin College PPO Health Plan for coverage of smoking cessation treatments.  One of the Bowdoin College PPO Health Plan preferred providers, Mid Coast Hospital, offers ongoing tobacco cessation groups and programs and Anthem provides online resources to help you give-up the habit.


Improving your work/life balance and resolving areas of unease at work are important pursuits. If either your professional or personal life is taking over the other, you can get help from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Workplace Advisor Program.

Sleep Better

Getting enough, uninterrupted, restful, sleep helps the immune system and emotional well-being. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping Bowdoin’s Counseling Services offer “Seven Strategies for Successful Sleep”.

If do-it-yourself sleep strategies do not seem to be enough, Mid Coast Hospital houses a Sleep Disorders Center.  If needed, the health plan’s prescription benefits will also help you afford needed sleep aids.

Eat Right

Eating right is a key component to preventing chronic conditions and disease such as diabetes, losing weight, having energy throughout the day, and feeling good.  The Bowdoin College Health Plans cover nutritional counseling for certain medical conditions. The College urges you to take advantage of the highly rated, healthy, and carefully crafted food services on campus.

For people looking for more information on nutrition, the American Dietetic Association offers reliable online nutrition informationHannaford offers free healthy living classes in their stores, and Mid Coast Hospital runs nutritional programs and events at (207) 373-6589. Bowdoin’s dining services page also offers healthy eating tips.

Lose Weight

Weight loss is hard but you do not have to do it alone! No matter how much weight you would like to lose, there are many resources that can help you. For example, Bowdoin’s Health Plans provide coverage for nutritional counseling to treat a medical condition such as obesity.

Bowdoin also helps employees in losing weight by providing on site, free fitness classes through the athletics department and free use Bowdoin’s state-of-the-art-facilities including the Peter Buck Center for Health and FitnessMorrell Gym, Farley Field House and pool and the Sidney J. Watson Ice Arena.   The College also has extensive  outing opportunities -- don’t be shy about joining in with the students on fitness adventures!

Many Bowdoin employees also seek weight loss assistance from Weight Watchers and  Anthem’s Weight Management Tools.  Be sure to check out Healthy Weight for a Lifetime at Mid Coast Hospital.

Stay Healthy

Preventing chronic conditions and disease is important for people of all ages and levels of health. To help lower your chances of getting ill it is important to manage your weight, have good nutrition, get regular gum and tooth care, avoid substances like tobacco and drugs, and importantly – getting high quality preventive medical care. All three of Bowdoin's heal plans cover preventive services (e.g., mammograms, colonoscopies, well-child visits, annual physicals, etc.) at 100%. 


What happens if I get sick or need time off to care for a family member?

The College has a generous sick time and vacation time benefit and in the event of personal illness, eligible employees may draw upon sick time (or vacation, if there is not enough sick time to cover the absence) up to the amounts accrued. The employee should notify the supervisor or department head of any absence as specified by the Absence Management Policy.

Sick time (or vacation) may be used for time lost due to employee medical or dental visits, providing the appointments (unless of an emergency nature) are scheduled in advance and with supervisory approval. Whenever possible, these appointments should be scheduled on regular days off, before or after work, or during lunchtime.

If you are ill and need to be absent from work more than 3 days, please notify your supervisor and Human Resources.  You may need to request a medical or family medical FMLA Leave of Absence or use time designated under the Maine Family Care Act (please refer to the Absence Management Policy).

What happens if a family member gets sick and I need to provide care?

Under the Maine Family Care Act, the College allows benefits eligible employees to use up to forty (40) hours of accrued sick and/or vacation time in a calendar year to care for immediate family members who are injured or ill. For the purposes of this policy, an immediate family member includes an employee’s child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent.

Just as with an absence for a personal illness, the employee must notify his/her supervisor in a timely manner regarding the need to miss work in order to care for an immediate family member who is ill or injured. The College also reserves the right to require verification of illness as it does in situations involving the employee’s own illness.

If an employee will require more than three (3) days away from work to care for a family member, the employee must contact the Human Resources Department to apply for a Family Medical FMLA Leave of Absence. While on a family medical leave, the employee may continue to use accrued time in accordance with the terms of this policy.

How does the emergency sick time bank work?

What is it? The Emergency Sick Time Bank is a "bank of sick time" that has been donated by fellow employees for use by other employees who are out of work full-time with a serious medical condition.

How can I donate hours? When an employee leaves employment of the College, he/she may donate up to one half of the hours in his/her personal sick time bank to the campus emergency sick time bank. 

How would I request hours? Employees can request an award of hours once they meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have successfully completed the adaptation period
  2. Must have a serious health condition as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act
  3. Must be on an approved medical leave of absence
  4. Must have used all personal sick time
  5. Must have used all but 2 weeks of vacation time (defined by a typical work week — if 40 hour/ week — then can maintain only 80 hours of vacation time, if a 25 hour work week, 50 hours of vacation can be maintained.)
  6. If eligible for Short Term Disability (STD), employee must have applied for STD.

How are awards determined? After meeting the initial criteria and filling out the request form, there are three factors considered before granting an award:

  1. Number of overall hours in the Emergency Sick Time Bank
  2. Number of overall requests for awards
  3. Total amount of previous awards you may have already received.

Awards will be considered on an as needed basis.

Planning for a new baby

If your family will be expanding soon, congratulations!  You may want to check out the following links for more information about the College's policies and resources.

Medical Leave of Absence (for pregnancy)
Parental Leave
Faculty Parental Leave (Section I. H. of the current Faculty Handbook)
Lactation in the Workplace  (Section I. H. of the current Faculty Handbook)
Return to Work
Anthem Future Mom's Program
Bowdoin College Children's Center
Employee Assistance Program - Childcare Options

The birth or adoption of a child is a qualified event allowing you to add the child to the health and/or dental plans within 30 days after the date of birth or date of adoption.

Help for those recently diagnosed

If you or one of your family members has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition, there are resources available to help you deal with news and all it entails.  You may want to check out the following links for more information about the College's policies and resources as well as community organizations.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Medical Leave of Absence
Disability Insurance Plans
Anthem Nurse HelpLine

Community Resources

Qualified Events

What is a Qualified Event?

Each year during Open Enrollment (typically held each October/November) you have the opportunity to make new benefit elections or change your current elections for the coming calendar year.  After Open Enrollment has ended, you can’t make changes to the benefits elections unless you have a “Qualified Event”.  A Qualified Event is a life change event that either changes the number of your eligible family members or that causes you or a family member to gain or lose other coverage (either at Bowdoin or outside of Bowdoin).  The change that you are allowed to make because of a Qualified Event MUST match the event.

In case of personal emergency...

None of us knows when an emergency might shift our personal and professional lives upside down. The College Employee Assistance Program is a great resource for emergency counseling and referral services and it is available 24/7/365.  The College also has policies for serious illness and bereavement, an emergency sick time bank for support staff, and a staff assistance fund.  Please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources to explore these options in case of an emergency.

Please be certain to periodically review and update your personal emergency contact information in our employee self-service Workday database.

Health and Wellness

BE WELL @ BOWDOIN is committed to establishing a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, and enhances the quality of life.  Check out the Health and Wellness section of our website for more insight about health promotion, educational programming, and the full array of athletic and recreational facilities available for employees.

Saving Money

As a Bowdoin employee, you have a variety of opportunities to save money including:

Scholarships for Dependents of Faculty and Staff

Please visit the HR handbook section Scholarships for Dependents of Faculty and Staff for more information about this benefit program.

Taking care of an older family member?

If your work - life balancing act includes taking care of an aging parent or relative, please consider checking out some of the community and statewide resources available to you.  Here's a list to get you started!


Bowdoin College Anthem Employee Assistance Program (EAP)      1-800-647-9151

  • Assistance in locating and referral to: adult day care, cancer centers, hospice programs, in-home services, skilled nursing providers, retirement facilities
  • Identification of community services and support groups and

  • Did you know there are federal government programs that your parent may be eligible for that can provide help with home health care, tax breaks, lower energy bills and more? 
  • Check out these websites to find out if your parent is eligible and for additional resources to help you obtain the best care for your parent or older relative.

  • General resources and options for older populace throughout Maine

Southern Maine Agency on Aging     1-877-353-3771

  • Non-medical services and products that provide physical, social, or personal value to maximize functional independence and socialization for older populace

Aging Excellence      771-0991

  • division of SeniorsPlus, the Area Agency on Aging for western Maine
  • EIM connects people throughout the state of Maine with home care services using access to over 150 local home and community-based care providers throughout the state.
  • services range from transportation to extensive in-home care.

Bath Area Senior Citizens      443-4937

Elder Care Network of Lincoln County      563-2148

Elder Care Options in Brunswick 

Elder Independence     1-888-234-3920

Elder Care Locator      1-800-677-1116

  •  a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families

Greater Bath Brunswick Elder Outreach       837-8810

  •  free services to the elderly, disabled and homebound individuals living in Sagadahoc county and the Brunswick area, to help them remain independent in their homes.
  • Screened and trained volunteers, depending on their individual availability, donate an hour or two of service to elderly and disabled people every week or every other week.

People Plus – Brunswick 

  • People Plus supports an engaged, healthy, and independent life for older adults
  • Activities joining the older generation to others to build community for all ages

Respite Care– Bath/Brunswick       729-8571 

  • Fee-based weekday respite for caregivers
  • Provides activities designed to encourage personal well being and strengths of the person you are caring for
  • Specialized care available for those experiencing memory loss or Alzheimer’s

Spectrum Generations/Meals on Wheels          1-800-639-1553                 

  • Resources and community centers across the state of Maine
  • Home delivered meals program for 60+ year old populace

Neighbors       729-5444

  • Fee-based non-medical services including companion care, homemaking, personal care, handyman and chores, bookkeeping/paperwork, and transportation.
  • Professional Geriatric Care Management


Legal Services for the Elderly      1-800-750-5353

  • free, high quality legal services to Maine’s socially and economically needy elderly age 60 and over.
  • Client education materials 


Home Care and Where to Find It  - DHHS, State of Maine

CHANS Home Health Care (a division of MidCoast Hospital)       207-729-6782

Interim Health Care, Brunswick     725-7201


Brunswick Explorer

  • convenient low-fare local bus running hourly schedules in and around Brunswick

Brunswick Taxi