Color and Typography

Using consistent styles across campus helps our communications work better together.

Bowdoin's colors are black and white, and we sport them with pride: on our uniforms and sweatshirts, in our decorations, and across our campus signage.

But Bowdoin itself is a very vibrant place—our natural surroundings change daily and remind us just how lucky we are to live in Maine.

If you're seeking accents or callouts for your own work, the color swatches below are meant to get you started. They are darker tones, which means there's enough contrast that you can use them for text. If they're used as a background, text on top should be white and sized above 16px.

If you need more detailed usage requirements, or specifications for coated vs. uncoated papers, please reach out—we're happy to help!

color swatch


Pantone 7708 
R0 G80 B106
Hex #00506A

color swatch


Pantone 228 
R115 G0 B81
Hex #730051

color swatch


Pantone 160 
R149 G80 B33
Hex #955021

color swatch


Pantone 7620 
R155 G40 B34
Hex #9B2822

color swatch


Pantone 7720 
R29 G92 B87
Hex #1D5C57

color swatch


Pantone 7496 
R104 G124 B47
Hex #687C2F


sample fontsThe Mrs Eaves, Mrs Eaves XL, Mr Eaves XL Sans, and Mr Eaves XL Sans Narrow font families are the primary typefaces for Bowdoin College communications. Mrs Eaves was chosen for its relationship to the wordmark, and Mr Eaves XL Sans was chosen as a sans-serif companion.

Within each of these families, a wide range of styles and weights are available for use. The combination of these complementary families allows for flexibility and creative expression in text and display.

Your website text will be converted to Mr. Eaves Sans on page save—bold and italic variations are also available.

Substitute Typefaces

Use of primary typefaces is always preferred, but when primary typefaces are not available approved substitutes may be used.

Times New Roman, a serif, is an acceptable substitute when Mrs Eaves and Mrs Eaves XL are not available.

Arial, a sans-serif, is an acceptable substitute when Mr Eaves XL Sans is not available.

Times New Roman and Arial are widely available and commonly installed on most computers. They are the only two substitute typefaces that are approved for use in PowerPoint templates, websites, email templates, informal internal communications, written letters, and others instances when the primary typefaces are not available.