Additional Bowdoin Logos

This page contains the rules and conditions for using Bowdoin's additional trademarks.

In addition to the Bowdoin wordmark, the College maintains a family of branding elements. Each of these marks has suggested uses and specific rules—you can always contact Communications for help and advice.

Athletic Marks

Bowdoin athletics Polar Bear

Primary Athletic Mark

The full figure of the polar bear is the design that most fully communicates the attributes of confidence, courage, intelligence, and dignity. It is the primary mascot for Bowdoin College.

Bowdoin polar bear on background colors

The bear is always white and the “B” is always black, regardless of background color or material.

Secondary Athletic Mark

Bowdoin Polar Bear Medallion

The Polar Bear medallion can have greater visibility and be more easily recognizable at a distance than the full figure bear.

No matter the background, the polar bear is always white. The circle outside is a part of the art and should not be modified in width, color, or style.

Different art files are available to accommodate any background color. 

Polar Bear medallion on different background colors

Polar Bear Paw Print

Bowdoin Polar Bear Claw

The paw print is meant to serve as an accent mark. Its use should be limited to applications where it can complement the marks above. It is not for use in stand-alone applications.

Athletic Lettering

Bowdoin athletic lettering

The primary athletic typeface is a custom system of letters (all caps) and numbers available for sport names, player numbers, and similar applications. It should only be used for athletic purposes and contexts.

Numerous sport-specific art files have been pre-made using this lettering. Contact Communications to ensure you have the files you need for your project.

Spirit Marks

Everyone at Bowdoin loves being a Polar Bear—not just athletes.

These marks are available for student clubs and groups, events (like Orientation, Homecoming, and Reunion), and any other time when you need an official and approved Polar Bear outside of the context of athletics. 

Bowdoin Primary Spirit Mark

This bear must always lean on either the Bowdoin “B” or a main title, like “Reunion”.

It can never lean on anything else, or have empty space below the leaning arm.

Bowdoin secondary spirit mark

This bear always faces to the right, and the scarf is always black and white.

For additional examples or help with these marks, please reach out to Communications. 

The College Seal

the Bowdoin College seal


All uses of the seal must be approved in advance by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

The seal is used only in formal College publications, including:

  • baccalaureate
  • commencement
  • Honors Day
  • inauguration materials
  • formal invitations
  • materials related to the Office of the President

The seal can never be modified, colored, cropped, or rotated.

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