Department and Office Lockups

The identification program for Bowdoin College includes the design of signatures for departments, divisions, and offices.

These are useful in lots of contexts: think PowerPoint slides or newsletters.

They're called "lockups" because they are, quite literally, locked up. The typography is created in a consistent relationship to the wordmark, and several variations of each mark exist to accommodate the maximum number of uses.

Please do not try to create these yourself—the Communications department has many, many of these on file and can provide you with the appropriate artwork.

Lockup example for Alumni Fund Volunteers

Example of “Alumni Fund Volunteers” lockup, white on black, single-line.

Example of Kent Island lockup

Example of “Scientific Station on Kent Island” lockup, black on white, single-line.

Example of division of student affairs lockup

Example of “Division of Student Affairs” lockup, white on black, multi-line.

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