Faculty Profiles

Faculty profiles are one-page faculty summaries on the bowdoin.edu website that list your name, contact information, educational background, and more.

These profiles are often top trafficked pages, viewed by prospective students and faculty candidates, current students, possible student majors and minors, media, academic associations, grant foundations, and more. They are an important resource for publicizing you, your work, and your department.

All faculty at the College must have a faculty profile on the Bowdoin website. Profiles are initially created by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs when faculty arrive at Bowdoin, containing the required information listed below.

From that point on, each faculty member is responsible for the content on their profile, though faculty do not necessarily have to make the updates themselves (see How to Update).

Information should be kept current and reviewed at least annually.

Required Information

All faculty profiles must include the following information:

  • Name
  • Title: Title must match the title on record with the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Department/program affiliation(s): Affiliations must match the information on record with the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Contact information: Email address, phone number, and office location are pulled in from Workday.
  • Education
  • Courses taught this semester: Course information is pulled in from Banner.

Recommended Information

Faculty profiles often include the following additional elements:

  • Headshot: We strongly recommend a headshot. Headshot sessions are offered by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs every year; contact Leanne Dech to be added to the headshot list. 
  • Bio, research interests, publications, conferences, media appearances, news coverage, etc.: Feel free to include other information about your background, scholarship, and interests.


Bowdoin follows the Chicago Manual of Style, as well as editorial style guidelines that address matters specific to the College. Faculty profiles are edited by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs in consideration of these standards, except for academic citations, which may follow different standards by discipline.

Profiles must also adhere to accessibility standards to ensure equitable access to the content. Embedded videos must include captions; images must have descriptive alternative text; headings must be nested properly; PDFs must be accessible with titles, headers, and alternative text; and so on.

How to Update

You can send your edit requests to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs or manage your faculty profile yourself, following a content management system (CMS) training.

  • Communications: If you would like the Office of Communications to make your profile updates, please email Sophaktra Heng with a list of requested edits.
  • Self-service: Faculty may maintain their own faculty profile following the completion of a thirty-minute CMS training. After completing this training, you can update your profile at any time. Please email Sophaktra Heng to sign up for a training.