Short URLs

The domain is available for employees to request short, Bowdoin-branded URLs for marketing purposes.

Short URLs can be helpful for public-facing materials in lieu of confusing, long, or hard-to-type URLs. Our link shortener service can also generate QR codes associated with your short URL.

  • Short URLs and/or QR codes may be used to link to other properties managed by Bowdoin staff, such as our WordPress sites, Campus Groups, Slate, NXT, and so on.

  • We do not permit short URLs or QR codes to link to content belonging to other institutions (e.g., another college’s website; a newspaper or publication; academic journals).

  • Short URLs should not be used inside Cascade, the content management system, for aesthetic purposes as a substitute for creating proper internal links.

Requested URLs are subject to the approval of the Office of Communications so as to avoid name collisions and violations of this policy. If multiple groups wish to use the same URL, the Office of Communications will determine appropriate usage and suggest available alternatives as needed.

There is a limit to the number of active short URLs in our service license; therefore, unused URLs that have not been accessed by the public in one year may be removed. Users will be notified before deletions.

Submit a Short URL/QR Code Request