Email and Newsletters

Let's face it: email is here to stay.

And like most people on a college campus, we get a lot of it

The following guidelines should be used to ensure that your message is as clear and concise as possible.  

Best Practices: Text

  • Shorter is always better!
  • Bulleted lists are helpful in organizing content.
  • Referencing just one, clear call-to-action only is recommended.
  • Buttons and links should be prominent and stand out. Consider featuring your link in more than one place within the email.

Best Practices: Images and Video

  • All photo/image files used should be of low resolution; do not use original or high-resolution files.
  • Embedding text within images is not recommended; not all users will be able to view such content.
  • Auto-play functionality—in terms of video and audio—should always be avoided.

Brand and Identification

Example of using Bowdoin email header