2020-21 Productions

Here you'll find the latest information on student performances this semester. We can't wait to share our work with you! 

Performances are funded by the Alice Cooper Morse Fund for the Performing Arts.

Picture of three cream-colored cows against a blue sky. They are looking at the camera. Text says "Cows of War" by Callie Kimball, adapted from "Peace" by Aristophanes. Streaming in Late March.
Image credit: open source.



April 1 and 2

Virtual Playbill

Audience Dramaturgy Packet 




Text that says: Senior Studio Performances. Eight new and original projects. Streaming live April 5 - 15.
Image design: Megan Morouse.
April 6 - 15
Original Projects
by AJ Jackson, Jessica Speight, and Spencer Wilkins
finally watch our 2020 projects by Tori Clarke, Caroline Farber, Lucia Gagliardone, Sebastian Hernandez, and Ian Stewart!

Two dancers, one in a red top, and one in an orange top, clasp hands and reach their bodies and arms away from each other while balancing on one foot each. On a stage with a dark blue background.
Image credit: Ann Basu, '20

Spring Dance Concert

Saturday, May 22, 7pm ET

Virtual Program

Watch our Spring Dance Concert here!