Course Scheduling Resources

September 21 - October 4 

  • After meeting as a group to determine the spring's course offerings, Chairs/Directors and Coordinators partner to complete a scheduling spreadsheet that lists each intended offering, including additional meetings, on the "Spring 24 Course Schedule" tab. 
  • Any requests for exceptions to the timeblock usage guidelines should be included in the scheduling spreadsheet on the "Compliance Exceptions" tab for review by the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs. 
  • Completed scheduling spreadsheets should be emailed as an attachment to no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 4.
  • This change is intended to speed timeblock compliance review, allow more time for data checking the manual creation of the schedule, and significantly reduce the emails between instructors and coordinators that were part of the former COW process.

October 11 - October 19 

  • All instructors teaching in the spring will receive a custom link for each class/lab to complete an abbreviated version of the course offering worksheet. This "mini-COW" will collect information about instructor technology, learning assistant, and course material requirements and should take just a few minutes to complete.
Spring 2024 Schedule + Registration

Sept 21-Oct 4: scheduling spreadsheets submitted by Chairs/Directors/ADCs

October 11-19: "mini-COWs" submitted by instructors for every class/lab

Week of Oct 23: registrar sends draft schedule to Chairs/Directors/ADCs for review

October 30: spring schedule live in Classfinder

November 2 -9: registration Round 1 

November 15-17: registration Round 2 

Nov 21-Dec 1: classroom request forms submitted by instructors for every class/lab

Nov 28 - Dec 8: registration Add/Drop I period (instructor permission required)

January 10-17: re-enrolled student registration

Jan 22-Feb 5: registration Add/Drop II period (instructor permission required)