Due to COVID-19, only local high school students will be allowed to audit a course in Spring 2021, and they may audit only courses offered online or online with in-person components. In-person courses are reserved for Bowdoin students.

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Courses are intended for Bowdoin students, but the College is happy to extend, as a privilege, the opportunity for community members to attend courses. The opportunity to audit Bowdoin courses is not available during the COVID-19 pandemic with the exception of local high school students. Local high school students may only audit courses taught online or online with in-person components. This information can be found under "Location" in the Classfinder.

Auditors must obtain permission from the course instructor before attending the first class and follow their guidelines regarding in-class participation. Auditors are generally not permitted in full courses and are not allowed to attend First-Year Writing Seminars. The College reserves the right to restrict the number of courses audited by any one person and to limit the total number of auditors on campus at a particular time. The College also reserves the right to change or amend this policy.

People wishing to audit a class should be aware of the following:

  • There is no official record kept and no grade given for an audited class.
    • Auditors are not officially registered for a class.

  • Auditors may elect whether or not to receive electronic services from the College. These services include things such as access to e-reserves, electronic course materials, and inclusion on the class email list.
    • Electronic services will cease after a term ends.
    • A fee of $50 per course is normally charged for this service.
    • Friends of Bowdoin pay a reduced fee of $30.

  • There is no fee to audit for the following constituents:
    • Bowdoin alumni, students, employees or employee spouses
    • Bates, Colby, MECA, USM, or local High School students
      • A high school student may audit a Bowdoin class when permission is granted by the course instructor in consultation with the student's high school guidance department.

  • An auditor who chooses not to receive electronic services only has to obtain verbal permission from the instructor to audit a course.

  • Auditors may check out non-electronic library reserves with a College ID or a Guest Borrower card.

  • Click here to download these policies and instructions.
  • Procedure for Requesting Electronic Services:
    • STEP ONE: Complete the Auditor Request for Electronic Services form online (normally available at the Office of the Registrar, First Floor, Sarah Orne Jewett Hall too, but our office is currently closed because of COVID-19).
    • STEP TWO: Obtain the signature of the instructor/lab instructor on the form OR attach an email from the instructor granting you permission to audit. You may also forward the email from the instructor to
    • STEP THREE: Return the form to the Office of the Registrar and pay fee (if applicable)
    • STEP FOUR: When you submit your completed form, the Office of the Registrar will provide you with an auditor ID and temporary pin.
    • STEP FIVE: After one business day, use that ID and pin to access Webmail, Blackboard, e-reserves.

Having problems with your auditor account? Call the Information Technology Help Desk at 725-3030