International Student Campus Life


The Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching (Baldwin CLT) is a bastion of academic support and resources on Bowdoin’s campus. Open to all students throughout their entire undergraduate experience, the Baldwin CLT is a collective of four programs:

  1. The Baldwin Mentors
  2. Quantitative Reasoning Program
  3. Writing Project
  4. English for Multilingual Speakers (EMS)

Located in Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, Room 112, each program in the Baldwin CLT is directed by a professional staff member who works extensively with students and trains peer mentors, tutors, and assistants to create a strong network of student support. The Baldwin CLT welcomes students to work in their space during open hours

Bowdoin’s Academic Honor Code is a guiding light on the values and principles of the College’s standards for academic excellence. Every student is expected to read, understand, and adhere to the terms of the Academic Honor Code.

International Student Association (ISA) 

ISA seeks to connect international students with the greater campus and foster intercultural understanding and appreciation. Join ISA and meet other international students!  

Center for Multicultural Life

Center for Multicultural Life supports the college’s mission to foster an environment free of fear and intimidation, and where differences can flourish. Located at 30 College Street, the Center for Multicultural Life often hosts event that aims at facilitating inclusion and diversity on campus. The rooms on the first floor of 30 College Street are usually open to casual use, but they can also be reserved for specific events.

Bowdoin College Community Host Program

The Bowdoin College Host Family Program is one of the largest student groups on campus with over 260 students from across the country and globe participating, as well as over 240 local families. The program is one of the strongest community partnerships between Bowdoin College and the greater Brunswick area. Students from Maine to Nepal enroll in the Host Family Program and develop relationships with local community members from anywhere between one year and a lifetime. The program began out of a desire to connect international students with local community members, since then the program has grown to include many US citizens as well.

Health and Counseling

Bowdoin Health Services is located on the third floor of the Buck Center, while Counseling Services are located at 32 College Street. An array of services for the health and wellness of all Bowdoin students are offered. The College encourages students to take advantage of these resources during their time at Bowdoin. Appointments are best if made in advance; however, walk-in hours are available.

Break Housing, Storage, and Shipping

International students can stay on campus free of charge during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Upperclass International Students may request and will be approved to arrive two days earlier than opening day of the fall semester to allow students to acclimate to the time zone and have flexibility getting flights. More details can be found at the Residential Life website.

Bowdoin does not provide summer storage. There are multiple private storage facilities are available locally, many of which offer pick-up and delivery. Many students share storage units to keep costs down. For more information regarding storage options in the area, you can search the web for “storage Brunswick, Maine.” Additionally, Friends of Bowdoin offer storage to students on a first-come, first-served basis; look for postings in the Student Digest for more information.

Consult the USPS webpage to learn about their international shipping rates.