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Driver's License

In order to obtain a Maine Driver’s License check to see that you are eligible with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Note that all Bowdoin students qualify as Maine residents.  The closest DMV office is in Topsham, Maine, just across the river from Brunswick. The office is reachable at 725-6520 or 725-1244.  You will need your Bowdoin student I.D., passport and visa.  F-1 students should also bring the following documents: I-94, I-20, I-901.

Getting To, From, and Around Campus

There are various means of transportation to campus and in and around the Brunswick area. 

  • The Portland International Jetport is the closest commercial airport to campus at just about 35 minutes from Brunswick.
  • Concord Coach Lines is a bus company that runs direct from Logan airport in Boston to the Brunswick Station at the edge of Bowdoin’s campus. The bus also stops in Portland, Maine on the way up to Brunswick.
  • The Amtrak Downeaster train also goes from Boston to Brunswick, departing from North Station in Boston.  The train also stops in Portland and Freeport (among other places) and is used by students as a means for weekend travel during the school year.
  • Brunswick Taxi (207-729-3688) is a reliable taxi service in the Brunswick area and can be used for getting to nearby Freeport, Bath, and even Portland.  To reduce the cost of taxi service, it’s a good idea to split the ride with friends.
  • Zipcar is a car-sharing service with several vehicles available for rent on Bowdoin’s campus.
  • The Brunswick Explorer is public transportation in Brunswick, with $2.00 fare getting you an all day pass!
  • The Bowdoin Shuttle (207-725-3337) is run by Bowdoin College’s Campus Safety and Security.  It is available to all students travel to anywhere within a one mile radius of campus at no additional charge.  Check out more information online for specific hours of operation.
  • Yellow Bike Club provides year-round bicycle access to students for a low, annual fee.  The bikes ‘sell out’ fast every year and are a popular means of transportation for students!
  • Mermaid Transportation can be helpful in getting to-and-from the Portland airport.

International Student Travel Fund

This fund was established to assist international students, who receive financial aid from Bowdoin College, in financing flight costs to their home country while they are studying here at the College. Only international students receiving aid are eligible for this award and they may use the award only once during their enrollment at Bowdoin. Canadian students are ineligible. The award may be used at any time during the course of the school year but the student must confirm that she/he will be returning to campus after the break to continue their studies at the College.
To apply for the International Student Travel Award, please request the form from Dean Khuong, Advisor to International Students.