Excess Sports Plan

Bowdoin College has purchased an Excess Athletic Insurance Policy for students that are participating in one of our varsity, club or intramural programs. The Policy may provide coverage for an injury which occurred as a result of participating in a regularly scheduled, supervised, sponsored play or practice.

This policy is excess to any other valid and collectible insurance – it is a secondary policy (or tertiary, when applicable) and all claims must be submitted to the athlete’s primary insurance first.

  1. Submit medical charges to any other insurance policy the patient is covered under first (regardless if the patient is the primary member or a dependent);

**In order to ensure the smooth payment of medical claims, we recommend student-athletes always provide each medical provider the plan information prior to each visit.  To assist with this, we have provided all pertinent policy and claim submission information**

  1. Once a response is received, submit a valid HCFA-1500 or UB92/04, along with a copy of primary insurance Explanation of Benefits, directly to our claims administrator at:
                          Sue Santos
                          NAHGA Claim Services
                          PO Box 189
                          Bridgton, Maine 04009-0189
                          Phone:  (800) 952-4320
                          Group Name:            Bowdoin Athletics
                          Policy Number:        SRG0009155072
                          ID Number:                BOW201920
                         *Electronic Claims Submissions can be sent to NAHGA using Payer ID 67788**
    1. Payment will be made directly to the medical provider, unless otherwise requested. For bills that have been paid out of pocket, please forward all receipts and/or proof of payment to NAHGA Claim Services along with the same documentation previously outlined.
    2. Contact NAHGA Claim Services (800) 952-4320 with any questions.

Disclaimer:  Claims submitted under the Bowdoin College coverage are subject to all policy limitations and exclusions.  This instruction sheet is not a guarantee of payment, it is intended only to facilitate submission of claims.   NAHGA maintains appropriate standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to Protected Health Information in compliance with HIPAA.  Please contact them at (800) 952-4320 if you wish to view a complete copy of our Privacy Policy.