Study Away Insurance Coverage

The Student Health Insurance Plan provides worldwide coverage whether studying or traveling abroad. Through participation in the student insurance plan, each student has benefits through GeoBlue.

The following emergency services are included:

Emergency Medical Evacuation:  First seek medical attention then call the GeoBlue Global Health & Safety team, who will contact your treating physician and closely monitor your case to determine if medical evacuation is necessary. Maximum benefit up to $250,00 per coverage year.

Global Assistance Program

To access GeoBlue's 24/7 assistance center anywhere in the world: 
  • call collect 1-833-511-4763

Repatriation of remains: Maximum benefit up to $50,000 per coverage year

Emergency family travel arrangements: Maximum benefit up to $5,000 per coverage year

Political emergency and natural disaster evacuation: Covered 100% to to $100,000 per person subject to a combined $5,000,000 aggregate limit per any one covered event for all persons covered under the plan

Accidental death and dismemberment coverage: $10,000 per covered person

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