Health Services FAQ

Is the health center open for regular visits?
YES!  For those with campus access we are offering both telehealth and in-person visits, depending on your concerns and health needs, and we are happy to welcome you in our office. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins this semester so please call ahead to schedule an appointment. If you are learning remotely, off campus this semester and have a question or concern please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome a collaborative approach with students' home providers to care for our remote students.  Our visits are always free.

I don’t feel well. Is the health center the right place to go?
YES!  Please call 207-725-3770 or email to set up an appointment for care.  Because of the pandemic we are asking all students to have a scheduled appointment before coming to the health center.  If you’re looking for our self-care kits (with ibuprofen, tylenol, etc), you can find them in every dorm. If you don't see them, ask your proctor.

Can I talk confidentially when I meet with health services?
YES! Health services visits and discussions always remain confidential and we protect all personal medical information between you and our health care providers.

Can I talk to providers about sex, even in a pandemic?
YES! Safe, healthy, consensual sex in all its forms is still just as important as ever.  Please bring your questions and concerns our way.

Are there any external resources you can recommend about sex and COVID?
YES! We recommend the following resources:

Can I still get birth control from the health center?
YES!  The health center is still your starting place for all things contraception.  We can talk with you about all contraception method options and help you make the best decision for your lifestyle right now.

Can I still get emergency contraception at the health center?
YES! We have two types of oral emergency contraception at no cost available in the health center. We can also connect you with services for the copper IUD as emergency contraception if you’re looking for that.

Can I still get a pregnancy test at the health center?
YES! We offer no-cost urine pregnancy tests, as well as lots of good information and support at the same visit.

Do you still offer routine STI screening these days?
YES! Bowdoin health services still offers no-cost, confidential STI testing for both routine screenings and students with symptoms or an exposure.

Can I still get PrEP through the health center?
YES! We are still able to provide all the testing and prescriptions for pre-exposure prophylaxis medication to help prevent HIV.

Are free condoms still a thing?
YES! Free condoms are available at any time that we are open. Call ahead or pick some up when you’re here for your next appointment. Also, free condoms are available at any time in every dorm—look for them in a box next to our self–care kits.

Is the health center LGTBQ+ friendly/safe?
YES!  We strive to be a safe place on campus for you to be able to express your whole self and to provide access to accurate, respectful, and timely information and support.

If I think I have a sexually transmitted infection, a yeast infection, or a UTI, can I still come and get checked?
YES! We are fully open and offering our complete scope of services.

If I don’t feel safe, or I am in an abusive relationship, is the health center a safe place to talk about that?
YES! The health center is a confidential, safe place if you, or someone you care about, is being abused, coerced, has been assaulted, or is otherwise traumatized.  We can help connect you to further resources, too, like counseling services of many kinds and S.A.N.E.s (sexual assault nurse examiners) for evidence collection. We can also provide STI testing, emergency contraception, and a safe place to start processing and healing. For related resources at Bowdoin please visit Also, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is a 24/7 resource for survivors and their support people: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Someone in my pod is pressuring me to hook up, saying that we have to because we are in the same pod.  Is this something I can talk about at the health center?
YES! We are committed to making Bowdoin a safe, sex-positive place and a pandemic does not mean that any of the usual rules about consent and choice have changed. You still ALWAYS have the right to choose when, if, and with whom you are sexually active, and we are here to support you. For related resources at Bowdoin please visit

I feel really stressed, overwhelmed, sad, and anxious right now. Can the health center help me?
YES!  We can be your starting place to access a wide variety of care and support. Campus counseling and psychiatry are also open and ready to support you. Please call 207-725-3145 to reach the Bowdoin Counseling and Wellness services directly.  If you, or someone you care about, is actively planning suicide or self-harm, please call 911 immediately and then 207-725-3500 to reach Bowdoin Security for more support.  Covid-19 has made mental health more challenging for many people, and we are here for you.