Student Summer Housing

Summer Housing Update:

With the previously announced cancellation of summer programs and the continued imperative to mitigate the risk of infection on campus, we will be curtailing significantly the residential and laboratory components for both summer employment and fellowships.

If approved, students will have the opportunity to return to campus as early as June 1st. Any students approved to return to campus from out of state will be required to quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival. Dining services will prepare and deliver meals during this fourteen-day period. After that time, students will be responsible for their own meals.

Summer Research Fellowships:

A very small number of projects that can meet the required physical distancing and other community health guidelines in order to occur on campus this summer have been identified and approved. If approved, direct coordination with these students and their faculty advisors will occur.

Student Employment:

A limited number of essential student employment positions that play a critical role in preparing for the fall semester have been approved. Students placed in these preapproved jobs will be notified by their supervisor that they have the opportunity to return to campus.



Summer housing for summer 2020 is available to select, pre-approved, Bowdoin students who are employed by the College or who have received a research fellowship through the College.  Student Employees must be working a minimum of 20 hours per week on campus during the summer - this minimum may be met by working more than one job on campus.  Since staying on campus for the summer is a privilege, any student wishing to live in campus summer housing must also be in good social standing.  All students will need to accurately complete and read the terms of the lease, including the fine print, to ensure that they can meet all the requirements of summer housing. A supervisor's signature will also be required on the lease to confirm employment or research fellowship.


The summer housing rental rate is $65.00 per week.  Student employees will be charged their summer rent through bi-weekly payroll deductions.  In most cases, students receiving fellowships receive a housing allowance paid by the Department that is offering the fellowship.


While living in campus housing, students are expected to comply with all of the rules and regulations contained in the Apartment Lease Agreement and are bound to observe Bowdoin's Social Code as a guide to residential life as they would during the academic year.

Living Arrangements

Apartment and room assignments will be confirmed after approved leases have been processed. Because of this short timeframe, you will be notified of your summer assignment before June 1st. 


If you have inquiries please email