Summer at Bowdoin

Student Summer Housing

The Office of Events and Summer Programs manages all aspects of summer housing.  The current rental rate is $80.00 per week for an on-campus apartment which includes all utilities (water, electricity, internet, etc.).  

More information can be found at the Student Summer Housing section of their website and please note:

To qualify, students must work at least 20 hours per week as a Bowdoin student summer employee or work at least 20 hours per week on a Bowdoin-funded summer fellowship or internship, whose employer/supervisor is located in Maine

Resources and Information 

Bowdoin Dining

Meal plans are not in effect during the summer - meal plans end at the end of the spring semester following the final examination period and the closure of residence halls and restart before classes begin for the fall semester.  Due to the affordable rental rate and the fact that students in summer housing must have jobs or funded fellowships/internships, it is expected that students utilize their earnings and budget for purchasing food from local grocery stores or to use their own funds at Bowdoin Dining locations.

Please note:  Thorne Dining, Moulton Dining, Jack Magee’s Grill, the C-Store, and the Café will have a variety of operating hours during the summer.  For more information and current summer hours please check the Dining Service page.

Summer Storage

Storing items on campus for the summer is not an option. There are multiple private storage facilities available locally.  Often students share storage units to keep costs down. For more information regarding storage options in the area, you can search the web for “storage Brunswick, Maine.”

Local Libraries

The Bowdoin College Library has summer hours.  Please visit their website for more information.

Additionally, Bowdoin students can apply for a library card at Brunswick's Curtis Memorial Library as well.

Health and Counseling Services 

Health Services and Counseling and Wellness Services are not open during the summer months when classes are not in session. 

Maine Health operates the Mid Coast Walk-In Clinic and Mid Coast Hospital (which has an Emergency Department).  Check their website for hours and more information.  

Counseling and Wellness Services has partnerships with three organizations to offer greater access, range, and diversity of mental healthcare to students - which are available in the summer months via telehealth, online, and off-campus options.

The Office of Safety and Security 

Security is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days as week.  As always, please report any and all suspicious activity via calling (207) 725-3500 or by utilizing one of the many Blue Light Emergency Call Boxes on campus.


Brunswick's downtown is walkable from campus but there are other ways to get around town and Maine's Midcoast as well:

  • The Brunswick Link operates on weekdays and the route includes both Cook's Corner and Walmart.

  • The Metro Breez offers 13 round trips between Brunswick and Portland Monday through Friday and 6 round trips on Saturdays, with stops in Freeport and Yarmouth.  

  • The Amtrak Downeaster connects Brunswick to Boston, MA and during the summer months Old Orchard Beach is added as a destination. 

Commune with Nature

Within walking distance there are many places to enjoy, including:

Farther from campus: 

A bit farther from campus, Maine icons: 

Note: The Bowdoin Outing Club holds gear room hours during the summer when students can check out outdoor equipment.

The Greater Brunswick Area in the Summer

Summer is a fantastic time to be in Maine!  When not working on campus or on your Bowdoin funded fellowship or internship, we encourage you to spend time outdoors, connect with fellow students, and consider engaging with the local community via the wide range of events in Brunswick and beyond!

Here is a (not comprehensive!) list of summer opportunities in Brunswick:

And a list of events beyond Brunswick: