Food Plans

Everything you need to know to manage your food plan is right here! Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, the Fall 2024 food plan selection is now OPEN

There are twenty-four "meal opportunities" each week during the regular academic year. These include breakfast, lunch (brunch on weekends), and dinner seven days a week as well as the popular late-night SuperSnack offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Students select which meals to attend based on their preferences and the total meal allowance of their food plan.

On Campus: All first year students are required to participate in the 21 Food Plan (any 21 meals). All upperclass students living in College housing excluding the College apartments, participate in either the 21 Food Plan (any 21 meals), 14 Food Plan (any 14 meals) or the 10 Food Plan (any 10 meals).

Off Campus: Students living in College apartments or off campus may purchase any of the food plans listed above or the 9 Food Plan (any 9 meals) or Declining Balance Food Plan. The Declining Balance Food Plan is an all-points plan that allows off-campus students a flexible alternative to eat meals at the dining halls or on an a la carte basis in the dining retail operations. Points not used at the end of the semester are forfeited and cannot be carried forward to the next semester.

Polar Points: Food plans include an additional component called "points" which may be used when food plans are active. These points enable students to bring guests to the dining halls or to purchase a la carte foods at the Smith Union dining operations. Points not used at the end of the semester are forfeited and cannot be carried forward to the next semester. Additional funds for dining may be purchased through the OneCard program.

ID Cards: Food plans are not transferable, and all students are required to present their ID cards for entrance into the dining halls and for Polar Point or OneCard purchases in the retail operations. Lost student ID cards should be reported and replaced immediately at the OneCard office located in Coles Tower adjacent to Thorne Hall.

Billing Process and Financial Aid: All food plans are billed to student accounts on a semester basis. Food plans may be changed during an enrollment period at the end of each semester. Following the enrollment period, a $25 fee will be charged for late changes. No changes will be allowed after the late-change period. Please understand that choice of food plan directly affects the food charge on your semester bill. Since food cost is a component of a student's financial aid budget, the cost of attendance and financial aid award will be adjusted to reflect the cost of the "14 Food Plan" for students on aid who select any plan other than the "21 Food Plan". For more information, please contact the Office of Student Aid at or 207-725-3144.

Cost Allocation: The cost of each food plan is based on the historical number of meals eaten by the average student. Food revenue is allocated to pay dining expenses in the following areas: employee wages and benefits, food, equipment purchases and repairs, supplies, and contracted services like laundry and trash removal. Because of the College support needed to operate two dining halls and three a la carte operations, the food fee also covers general administrative expenses and overhead of the College.

Schedule: Dining halls provide food plan meals during the weeks that classes are in session.

Questions regarding Food plan policies at Bowdoin?  Contact Stephanie LeMieux, Dining Service Business Manager, (207)798-4357.