Your OneCard is your official college ID card, used for access and transactions all across campus.

Caring for your OneCard

Take good care of your ID so that you can take advantage of all that it offers! Don't bend, crack, or punch holes in it — doing so could damage or disable your card's tap functionality. Be careful storing your card up against credit cards, or cards with raised letters or numbers, as they can scratch your card's magnetic strip, making it fail to read properly at some locations.

In most cases, damaged cards are replaced for free. Please bring your damaged card to the OneCard office to exchange for a replacement.

Lost Cards

Lost cards should be replaced as quickly as possible in order to protect the safety of the campus community as well as the security of your OneCard funds. If you're unable to promptly come to the OneCard office for a replacement, report your card lost using the link above, or call Bowdoin Security at (207) 725-3314. Reporting your card lost deactivates it remotely so that anyone who finds it won't be able to use your meals or funds, nor gain entry to buildings to which you have access.

To reactivate a card you reported lost, please contact our office or Security.

If you can't find your lost card, the replacement fee for lost cards is $15, payable by cash, check, or billed to your tuition.