Bowdoin College Dining Service is a committed and enthusiastic partner in the sustainability mission of the college.

In keeping with Bowdoin's bicentennial motto, "The College and the Common Good", Bowdoin Dining Service recognizes its responsibility to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship by integrating environmental awareness, local action, and global thinking into our operational planning and decision-making.  As a way to capture the ethic and interpret the College's Environmental Mission Statement within our department, we commit ourselves to the following:

Sustainable Awareness

Bowdoin Dining makes environmental decisions considering relevant environmental and sustainability issues.  Through our Environmental Committee, we advocate action and monitor our adherence to departmental environment policies.  We select and monitor "best practice" sustainability indicators suitable for Bowdoin Dining operations as a method for tracking performance improvement.  We keep the College community informed and aware of our environmental initiatives and process.

See more about Bowdoin Dining's sustainability commitment on the Sustainability Policy page.

Sustain Compost