Student Employment

Bowdoin Dining is a great place to work. We couldn't do it without our student employees!
group of student employees holding the sign "best student emplyees, best campus food"
We have student positions in all of our dining halls, retail operations and catering. Dining offers many opportunities for students to gain on-the-job experience while improving skills in customer service, communication, management techniques and teamwork. You could find yourself making cookies in the bake shop, stretching pizzas at Magee's, blending smoothies at the display station, feeding dishes into a very large dishwasher, helping the Polar Bear pass out ice cream, keeping the serving line stocked, ringing sales at the C-store, serving entrees at a catered event among many other duties. We have something for everyone!

Have a question about working in the dining hall? Contact Deb Infante.  For questions about student jobs at Smith Union contact Richard Escorsio.

Visit the Student Employment web site to view and apply for available positions.