Special Diets

Bowdoin Dining Service will work directly with you to develop an individualized plan that meets your particular needs.

Special Diets

Bowdoin College Dining Services identifies and labels known ingredients in the dining halls that are considered common allergens. Bowdoin College Dining Services currently labels milk, egg, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, sesame, soy, and wheat. Vegan, vegetarian, and Halal proteins are labeled similarly. All full-time staff are trained in food safety and allergen awareness. 

Even with training, however, there is always a risk of contamination with a known allergen in a food production environment. While steps are taken to ensure the risk of cross-contact is minimal, Bowdoin Dining Services does not operate kitchen spaces free from the allergens mentioned above. Additionally, suppliers and manufacturers may substitute or modify products at any time without notifying us. The consumer with a food allergy or specific nutritional concern(s) is responsible for deciding if a food item is appropriate for them to consume. 

To better serve our guests with food allergies, we strongly encourage those with concerns to self-identify as having food allergies and/or specific health related dietary restrictions.  We also recommend meeting with our dietitian and management team to review our protocols and available options to meet their specific need.  

Students with specific nutrition concerns or medically restricted diets should arrange a meeting with our Registered Dietitian, Susanne D’Angelo-Cooley, by emailing sdangelo@bowdoin.edu 

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