Publicity, Outside Organizations and Solicitation on Campus

Posters and Other Printed Materials

Student groups are permitted to advertise events, programs, and other information relevant to the work of the group. All posted materials must include the name of a sponsoring department, organization, or individual and must comply with all College policies, including, but not limited to the following requirements: 

  • Posters and other printed materials may not be placed on glass or surfaces that may be damaged by the removal of the poster. 
  • Official Bowdoin logos and wordmarks (i.e., the Bowdoin seal) may not be placed on any advertisements without the expressed permission of the Communications Office. 
  • Club posters and advertisements must have the full name of your organization easily visible. 
  • Banners, decorations or signs not permitted on the outside of buildings or in any of the campus quads. Exceptions require the approval of the Office of Student Activities. 
  • All campus buildings may have their own rules regarding the placement of advertisements. 
  • Any printed materials (posters, banners, fliers, etc.) bearing corporate logos or insignias must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union, and when an athletic team is involved, materials must be approved by the Director of Athletics. 
  • Online advertising and conduct by all student groups organizations through social media must abide by the College’s Social and Academic Honor Code. 

Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in a referral to the Student Group Disciplinary Process.  

Solicitation on Campus 

Bowdoin College prohibits the unsponsored proselytization, distribution, or sale of products of students, faculty, and staff anywhere on College property. These activities often disrupt campus routine, offend segments of the College community, and imply endorsement by the College of particular products, ideas, or positions. 

Sponsorship of Outside Organizations 

In limited circumstances, a student group or a College department or office may sponsor an outside organization to fulfill particular campus objectives, such as summer job fairs, volunteer opportunities, or blood drives. When an exception is granted (see below), the activity is required to take place in the David Saul Smith Union.   

“Sponsorship” means that the student group or College department has initiated the contact with the group, has agreed to represent the group on campus, and agrees to submit the application to the Office of Student Activities for approval under the sponsoring organization’s name. The sponsoring group or department will be accountable for the actions on campus of the group it sponsors. The group or department seeking to sponsor an outside organization must receive prior written permission from the Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union. as an exception to solicitation policies. 

Sale of Products 

If an recognized student group sponsors a vendor, the sponsoring group must guarantee the availability of the products that their sponsored vendors sell. These sales must be cleared in writing in advance with the Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union, and when an athletic team is involved, with the Director of Athletics. Student organizations may not invite commercial enterprises to sell their products on campus in return for a share in the profits from those sales. 

Students and College Employees as individuals interested in selling products on campus can rent tables in the David Saul Smith Union, but may not use campus rooms, mailings, or any other College facilities to promote or sell their products. These individuals will be treated as outside vendors and will need to reserve tables through the Director of Student Activities and the David Saul Smith Union and agree to terms outlined in the Vendor Contract. Students are not permitted to engage in fundraising through the sale of products under this section.