Return from Hospitalization

Return to Campus Following Hospitalization 

A student who is hospitalized—voluntarily or involuntarily— because of a physical or mental health matter may wish to take a medical leave from Bowdoin to recover. If so, the student should contact their student dean and follow the Voluntary Medical Leave process.

Return from Hospitalization

Eligibility for discharge from the hospital does not equate to readiness to return to campus. If a student is medically discharged from a hospital and does not wish to take a medical leave, that student must first be evaluated by Bowdoin’s Counseling and Wellness Services or Health Services for readiness to return to campus before the student will be permitted to physically return to campus and re-engage in the life of the College.

During this evaluation process, a student is not allowed to reside on campus. Students should be aware that this evaluative process can take up to a week and it may involve a student engaging in multiple meetings with Counseling staff as well as consideration of other pertinent factors, including the student’s ability to successfully make-up missed academic work and the student’s impact on the community.

If the individualized evaluation and assessment determine that the student needs or requires more support than they can receive while engaged in an educational and residential setting, the student will be advised take a voluntary medical leave from Bowdoin. This will allow the student to attend to their health and well-being during a concentrated period of recuperation.

If the student is unwilling to take or unable to execute a voluntary medical leave, the Involuntary Medical Leave process shall be followed.

Notification to the Family

The College reserves the right, consistent with applicable state and federal privacy laws, to notify a parent or guardian of their student’s change in status if circumstances warrant and if it is believed to be in the best interest of the student’s health and well-being, and that of the College community.