Quantitative Reasoning Tutors

Quantitative Reasoning Tutors (Q-Tutors and Learning Assistants) are Available to Help Their Fellow Students Through One-on-One Meetings

Drop-In Tutors:

Tutors are available (drop-in or by appointment) at the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching from 7-10PM on Sunday-Thursday evenings to help with Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. Current schedule. Due to the pandemic, currently we are offering our peer services online and recommend making an appointment. At the time of the appointment, students go back into the appointment portal to enter the online meeting space where they will meet with the Q-Tutor. 

The QR program can also provide more personalized individual tutoring, in coordination with the course department, for students in quantitative courses. Contact Eric Gaze*, Director, at egaze@bowdoin.edu for more information. 

*Eric Gaze is on sabbatical Spring 2021. Please contact Kathryn Byrnes, Director of the Baldwin Center, at kbyrnes@bowdoin.edu for more information.

Student and Tutor working
Q-Tutor and a Student at Drop-In Hours

Individual Tutoring and Additional Help:

The Quantitative Reasoning Program works with the faculty responsible for various quantitative courses. In many cases, a Learning Assistant is assigned to the course. The Learning Assistant leads weekly study group sessions and exam review sessions. The Learning Assistant provides studying strategies and may occasionally do some individual tutoring. For some courses, workshop sessions on quantitative techniques are available preceding their use in the class. Drop-in tutoring is available for various courses, and a schedule of courses, tutors and support is published by the third week of each semester. Students may also make specific requests for assistance directly to the Quantitative Reasoning Program Director, Eric Gaze*. The responses to such requests will depend upon the particular circumstances, but could include the formation of a new study group, the addition of a workshop and/or the assignment of an individual tutor.

*Eric Gaze is on sabbatical Spring 2021. Please contact Kathryn Byrnes, Director of the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching at kbyrnes@bowdoin.edu