Study Groups

A QR study group is a small group of students who work together once or twice a week under the leadership of a trained Q-Skills tutor, to discuss concepts, solve problems, and improve studying strategies.

Any Course That Has Significant Quantitative Content is Eligible for a QR Study Group

Usually, study groups are established at the request of the professor at the beginning of the semester. Study groups may also be requested by students enrolled in a quantitative course during the semester. In such cases, and with the professor's permission, the Quantitative Reasoning Program may be able to set up a study group.

Groups are led by trained Quantitative Reasoning tutors who have been selected by the course professor, in conjunction with the QR Director, to be an additional resource for students. The tutors are students who are majoring in the area of the course and/or have previously taken the class themselves. Quantitative Reasoning Study Group Tutors are trained not only to help with problems and review skills, but also to share strategies on study methods and test preparation. See a list of current study groups here.

Any student enrolled in a course with a study group is invited to attend the sessions. All students can benefit from participation and from listening to and learning from other students in the group. Working on problems together often brings new insight into the material for participating students.

To learn more, see your professor or contact Eric Gaze, the Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Program.