Guidelines for Planning a Trip

For Short-term, Faculty-Led, Off-Campus Faculty-Led Programs

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Bowdoin Values
    1. Academic Integration
    2. Access
    3. Safety
  • Planning Period
    1. Leadership
    2. Budget
  • Student Welfare
  • Program Implementation
    1. Course Description/Registration
    2. Determining and Confirmation of Participants
    3. Finances
    4. Host Partner
    5. Travel/Airline Tickets
    6. Local Transportation
    7. Student Forms/Information
  • Templates and Checklist
    1. Program Proposal Template
    2. Sample Communication: Confirmation of Participants
    3. Student Itinerary Template
    4. Final Report
    5. Checklist


The Off Campus Study Office produced these guidelines to assist interested faculty members with the planning, organization and implementation of short-term, faculty-led study trips that are shorter than 1 month in duration. The purpose of this document is to provide information so that faculty and administrative staff members understand all that is entailed in leading a faculty-led trip. This entire document should be read prior to proposing a faculty-led study-trip.

The purpose of faculty-led study trips is to enhance a particular subject area specifically through on-site experiences, both academic and cultural, that cannot easily be replicated on-campus. However, attention to issues beyond academics is vital in order to make a study-trip successful and safe. It is required that you work with others on campus from the early planning phases so that the study trip adheres to expectations and procedures.

Christine Wintersteen, Director of Off Campus Study, is the primary contact person who oversees off campus faculty-led programs. Once a faculty member reviews this document and considers submission of a proposal, the faculty member should contact Christine.