Faculty-led Travel

Off-campus, faculty-led study trips can greatly enhance students’ experience of courses and programs, enrich students’ understanding of a particular region, afford students opportunities for community-based learning, and offer intellectual rewards to faculty.  For this reason, the college wishes to encourage the creation of such travel opportunities, and to ensure that they are as accessible as possible to all Bowdoin students.

Please note: Faculty must consult the Department of State’s and the CDC's travel advisories prior to planning international trips. The College will not approve off-campus study to countries with a Department of State Travel Advisory Level 4.

The logistical and pedagogical complexities of such trips require significant effort on the part of faculty members designing and leading such trips. The College has established processes and procedures to support faculty in these initiatives. The following outlines the process by which faculty members apply for approval by the College for such travel and the support mechanisms in place to assist faculty. The College recommends that faculty plan for substantial lead‐time to plan and coordinate a trip.

A faculty member intending to lead a trip with students will need to begin the planning process more than one year in advance. Faculty seeking to lead particularly complex trips are strongly encouraged to begin their planning process in close consultation with the Director of Off-Campus Study and International Programs, whose advice will help faculty anticipate the various pedagogical and administrative issues that must be addressed in the planning process.

Travel should be scheduled to avoid conflicts with other courses. To this end, it is expected that travel will take place during spring break, summer or, in exceptional circumstances, other scheduled semester breaks.

Preliminary proposals for all faculty-led trips are due no later than the last day of September, one year before the proposed travel.



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**Faculty are advised to consult their department or program chairs regarding the availability of departmental or endowed funding before pursuing funding through Academic Affairs.

**Faculty are asked to contact the Sustainability Office to be sure that carbon costs for trips are captured: cpayson@bowdoin.edu or ext. 3086

Types of faculty‐led trips:
  • Course-based domestic or international travel

These trips are a part of a credit‐bearing course at Bowdoin but cannot be required of students enrolled in the course.

  • Co-curricular domestic or international travel

These trips are not part of a course and do not carry academic credit, but they are directly related to the students’ program of study and enrich their academic experience.