Council of Mentors

Members of the Council of Mentors are available to support and mentor all faculty members across the College, including visiting faculty, post-doctoral fellows, lecturers, tenure-track and tenured-faculty, department chairs, and program directors.

The Council of Mentors is a faculty committee with tenured faculty members from across the College’s three curricular divisions appointed by the Committee on Governance and Faculty Affairs (GFA). It operates independently from the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs and facilitates faculty mentoring on campus in a non-evaluative role. The Council of Mentors can provide support across a spectrum of areas including teaching, scholarship, career advancement, student advising and mentoring, departmental citizenship and leadership, navigation of workplace dynamics, and challenges specific to women, faculty of color, and other minoritized faculty.

Bowdoin faculty members are welcome to contact any member of the Council of Mentors to discuss faculty mentoring or receive mentoring support.

This guide lists books and articles in Bowdoin’s library in support of life as an academic, from inclusive pedagogy to balancing research and teaching to challenges specific to minoritized faculty.