Academic Affairs Workshops

Faculty development and mentoring at Bowdoin currently includes group, peer and individual mentoring. Here's a non-exhaustive list of activities currently coordinated by the Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs.


  • Week-long Faculty Writing Session
  • Intentional Pedagogy: A Workshop in Course Design and the Science of Learning" co-facilitated with the Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching
  • New Faculty Orientation


  • Faculty Seminar series
  • "The Tenure-track at Bowdoin," holistic goal setting and strategic planning for first & second-year tenure-track faculty
  • "Seeking Mentors: Bowdoin & Beyond," developing a mentoring network for first-year tenure-track faculty
  • "Time and Task Management" workshop for all faculty
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Faculty Hiring & Mentoring workshops for tenure-track search committees (two workshops)
  • Funding sources discussion with first, second & third-year tenure-track faculty


  • Week-long Faculty Writing Sessions (Winter Break and Spring Break)
  • Faculty Seminar Series 
  • "Anticipating Next Year: Advising and Committee Work" for first-year tenure-track faculty
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Faculty Hiring & Mentoring workshop for tenure-track search committees