Grades and Exams


Fall 2021 grades will be available in Polaris no later than Thursday, January 6, 2022


As stated in the Academic Standards and Regulations section of the Bowdoin College Catalogue and Academic Handbook, "The College expects students to complete all course requirements as established by instructors.  In unavoidable circumstances (personal illness, family emergency, etc.) and with approval of the student’s dean and the instructor, a grade of Incomplete may be recorded.

Students must initiate the incomplete grade process by contacting their student dean on or before the last day of classes which is Friday, December 10 for the fall 2021 semester.

An Incomplete represents a formal agreement among the instructor, a dean, and the student for the submission of unfinished coursework under prescribed conditions. If approved, “the Incomplete Agreement Form is signed by all necessary individuals, and a date is set by which time all unfinished work must be submitted.  In all cases, students are expected to finish outstanding coursework in a period of time roughly equivalent to the period of distraction from their academic commitments. In no case will this period of time extend beyond the end of the second week of classes of the following semester.”

At the end of the grading period, any student for whom a grade has not been submitted and a signed Incomplete Form has not been received will automatically be given a grade of F. Any student subsequently wishing to contest an F received under these circumstances must petition the Recording Committee. Contact your student dean if you have questions and/or wish to request an Incomplete. If you need additional assistance, stop by the Office of the Dean of Students on the second floor of Moulton Union or call (207) 725-3149.

Final Exams

Fall 2021 Final Exam Rotation PDF

Fall 2021 Final Exam Assignments PDF

Final exam assignments will be available in the Classfinder and Polaris under "My Courses" before the end of September 2021. Until that time, please reference the PDFs above to identify the final exam time slot assigned to the courses you are taking and make sure to plan your end of semester travel plans accordingly. These documents will be updated if/as changes are made to the course schedule.